Freight transport on the Rhine: an important role

The Rhine, the longest river in Europe, plays a major role in freight transport for the 21st century, connecting a huge number of towns, cities and border regions and giving RheinPorts an important edge. With the increasing interdependence in European markets, the Rhine offers an attractive transport mode with a high potential for our ports. Reliable, environmentally-friendly and with low fuel consumption, river transport is also a key component in sustainable development.

RheinPorts is located right in the centre of the north-south transport axis and provides a major transport hub for the southern part of the Upper Rhine. The Basel-Mulhouse-Weil ports are located within a very short distance of major production facilities, which include pharmaceutical,chemical and biological-science clusters, as well as car assembly plants and top-ranking mechanical engineering companies.

A prime transport & logistic hub in the southern Upper Rhine

Vue aérienne du Port de Bâle

RheinPorts is situated right next to the city of Basel, in the Three-Border region with its 2.3 million inhabitants. The ports enjoy direct multimodal connections with the great North Sea ports and also, via the Alps, with the Mediterranean region. As a cross-border logistics hub, RheinPorts has top-flight facilities for transhipping and transporting dry and liquid bulk goods and heavy freight and has the only container hub of its kind in the southern Upper Rhine, directly in the heart of the Rotterdam-Genoa and Antwerp-Marseilles corridors.

RheinPorts also has land available to meet the specific needs of every company. Over 12 million tonnes of cargo were transshipped in 2008, underpinning Rheinports’ major role in river transport. RheinPorts is the second-ranked river port on the Rhine. The efficiency and range of services offered makes RheinPorts Basel-Mulhouse-Weil a highly attractive proposition.

A prime multimodal platform in the heart of Europe

  • In the heart of an economic area of 40 km
  • 100 km from the river ports of Strasbourg and Kehl
  • 500-600 km from the river ports based in the Ruhr area
  • 800-900 km from the ports « ARA »


  • Waterway traffic 2012: 12,6 mio. tons
  • Container traffic 2012: 185 000 TEU

RheinPorts Managers

RheinPorts is driven by the three directors of the river ports of Basel, Mulhouse and Weil:

Director of Ports de Mulhouse-Rhin
Hans-Peter HADORN
Director of Port of Switzerland
Director of Weil-am-Rhein Port

Practical information

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At the tranport & logistic exhibition in Munich, the Upper Rhine ports presented their "Traffic management platform".
The partners of the Upper Rhine Ports produced a short video about the Barge Traffic system for container handling. The movie explains the system and show you along the Upper Rhine ports from Basel to Mannheim and Ludwigshafen.